SEO Communities

Internet Marketing Improvement

There are many things that have online communities and SEO is no different. Not only can you help people who have questions, but you can get answers to your own questions. In addition, you can get ideas and see what has and hasn’t worked for other people. The great thing about these communities is that they are made up of real people who have experience with SEO. You don’t have to worry about talking to an automated machine or asking a question and not getting an answer. While there are many of these communities, there are a few that really stand out and are on the top of the list.

For starters, there are quite a few communities on Facebook. There are thousands on there, but some of the best ones are White Hat SEO Facebook Page, SEO Signals Lab, and The Super Cool Dan Ray Link Building Group.

Not only do these groups have normal people that come and participate in discussions, but the actual groups are run by people who are pretty much experts on SEO. Sometimes, these people will actually post tutorials or videos on common questions and issues that people have. If you still need a little help, they have no issues answering all of your questions.

The other biggest types of SEO communities are ones that have dedicated websites and are forums, such as: Phoenix SEO Company For ROI | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

On these forums, you create a profile, upload a picture, pick a username, and fill out information about you. This can include years of SEO experience and what you have a lot of experience in. These types of communities usually have normal members, as well as moderators. The role of the moderators is to make sure all the rules are being followed and helping people with any questions they may have. With so many of these to choose from, you want to make sure you join ones that are worth it and have people who are not only active but also know what they’re talking about. Some great choices are Warrior Forum SEO(, Search Engine Optimization Forum(, Link Assistant SEO Forum(, and Google Groups(

How important is Public Relations?

Public relations or PR is how your company interacts with customers and visitors. Bad public relations can actually bring your company straight to the ground. People who have positive experiences are more likely to recommend your company and be a repeat customer. When companies first started public relations, the internet didn’t have as big of an influence and they didn’t realize exactly how much the internet could improve PR practices. For starters, in the past, a company would just post 1 message to thousands of people. Today, though, a company can make the entire experience much more personalized. People can post messages to them and they can individually comment back and even like their posts. This makes people feel valued. Another way it’s improved is by letting the customers get all important information in one place. They can go to the company’s social media page and see all the new and important information within seconds. Finally, if a customer has an issue, they don’t have to write a formal letter or wait on the phone for hours. They can just send the company an online message or do a live chat and, often times, they can get a reply within minutes. This makes people more likely to contact the company because it’s not a long and exhausting process.